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Exec Brief #1: Tilting the Playing Field (The Strategy )

•profit analytics •distribution management best practices •profit strategy •pricing strategies •executive briefingThe science of Line Item Profit Analytics (LIPA) reveals the way companies really make money (it's not what most executives think); and this can be used to build an unassailable profit position in any market.

Increasing profitability is not a mystery. Watch this 45-minute strategy session delivered to WayPoint clients in which Randy MacLean discusses a strategy to shift the profits in the market to your own distribution company. You'll learn how to get superior profit gains by applying the same system.

In this executive briefing for WayPoint clients, Randy MacLean lays out the strategy and the underlying mathematics. You'll learn:

How to generate record cash flow and record profits while providing concierge-level service AND best pricing for your most profitable accounts

How putting this strategy into practice in your distribution company will generate results for the balance of 2015 far beyond your current plan

A clear and logical path to simultaneously delivering superior profit gains

This seemingly paradoxical combination is completely possible when you look at the numbers; and it will have a devasting effect on your competitors!

At the end of the webinar, Randy offers all who are interested to get in touch with him to discuss how this exciting strategy can be applied to their distribution business. Take advantage of this generous offer by emailing info@waypointanalytics.com or calling (480) 426-9962.

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