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Profit-Driven Analysis & Practices

The CEO's Guide to Record Profits

Profit-Driven Analysis & Practices

The advent of detailed cost and profit analytics has opened an entire new field of business analytics, tactics and strategies employed by today's market leaders to record levels of profit, cash-flow and market share. This new field has its own vernacular, logic and action items conferring near-magical control of profitability to those in the know.

This book inventories the all-new metrics, analytics and activities of this emerging field. The field has exploded, with dozens of new measures, and tactics that directly drive profits in hundreds of ways. You'll surprised by the range of opportunities previously unseen and inaccessible before this.

More than a decade of research and discovery, often requiring the invention of new analytical tools and metrics to identify and quantify the dynamics driving record performance has been collected into this book. Along the way, it was necessary to develop new vernacular to better understand and describe what's really driving or preventing permanent profit gains, and to better manage the factors that get results.

These are the secrets they don't teach at university, the metrics used to keep on track, and the sometimes surprising and game-changing epiphanies companies have used to restore profits, deliver superior customer experience, and permanently change the company's trajectory and market position.

In this book, you'll discover the unseen strategies used by companies to take market share while driving profit rates that eclipse their competitors, their association peers, and their own history. These are companies that convert 15%, 20%, 25% or more of revenue into bottom-line profits, sometimes in notoriously difficult sectors or markets.

Armed with what's in this book and a willingness to change things for the better, you can take your company to the top and see the first results as soon as your next income statement.

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The 7 Areas That Need Your Focus (brief)


The 3rd of 3 lists defining the markers of Distribution companies outpacing their peers. These are the specific areas that many companies commonly miss and places where your focus on new strategies and tactics will make a huge difference on your productivity and profitability.

The 6 Attributes of Super-Profit Companies


The 2nd of 3 lists defining the markers of Distribution companies outpacing their peers.

The 5 Things Customers Want (brief)


The 1st of 3 lists defining the markers of Distribution companies outpacing their peers.

Customer Segmentation


With the right segmentation you can define customer service levels, delivering high service levels to the accounts that need and can afford it. You can set price levels appropriate customers needing every level of support from "no frills" to "gold-plated". You can focus your sales efforts precisely — working to acquire new customers that perfectly fit your strategy and deliver increased profitability through optimally-efficient logistical relationships.

New Money – How to Analyze & Boost Profit from Delivery


Fleet and delivery operations are a frequently overlooked opportunity to add much more profit to your bottom line. In fact, every dollar you save or charge is just as beneficial as $25 in new sales. No wonder today's top companies are using surprising new methods to measure and optimize fleet costs, and implementing advanced analytics to set pricing and policies for deliveries.

New ideas and new tools are shaping customer choices, and increasing competitiveness. This video shares what we've learned from hundreds of the best companies across more than 15 years of strategic planning and on-the-ground tactics that have generated millions in new profits.

How Distributors Can Double Their Rebate Income


Rebates have grown tremendously as a percentage of the bottom line of distributors over the course of the last 3 years. In fact, in most instances, they now account for more than half of year-end profit.

In this session you'll gain insights on: How rebates are impacting your true line-item profitability / How to leverage your existing agreements / How real-world product mix add-up.

Novelties and New Core


We've added exciting new capabilities to the waypoint user interface. In this video we show you all the newly added features that will increase ease of use in the WayPoint program for a more convenient experience.

WayPoint Presentation


In this session, Randy MacLean walks you through the newest and most effective analytics for profit management. Using these metrics, companies produce record-breaking profit rates and growth. In just 17 minutes, he covers the hidden dynamics that are adversely influencing profit rates, suggests the not-so-obvious solutions executives are using to address them, and shows how WayPoint measures and reports on them. You'll see the only reports available that give company executives the ability measure, monitor and manage the real drivers of company profit.

How Money is Made in Wholesale Distribution


Randy MacLean shares his analysis of over $65B of distribution business to help others shed incorrect assumptions about how to make money. Businesses that have stellar results have been able to understand profit dynamics and move the profit needle not just by five or ten percent, but by doubling or tripling the bottom line over their competitors.

You've Lost Your Biggest Account – Now What?


Everyone eventually faces the loss of a significant account. Sometimes it's one that represents such a large share of business, that "normal" operations are no longer possible. How you handle the situation will determine whether it's an unpleasant blip, or a near death emergency. This video shows what to do to keep your ship from afloat when the inevitable happens.

Profit-Driven Customer Service


There's a strategy that sets apart the companies with astronomical profit rates from everyone else. These amazing companies have profit rates not double, but six to eight times those of their competitors! They all utilize the same strategy for driving the highest-possible profit rates, the greatest cash-flow, and the fastest growth. In this video, I'll share the strategy, and how you can get started implementing it.

Maximizing Account Potential through Segmentation


Effective account segmentation dictates how your sales force interacts with your clients and customers and informs the types of policies and procedure you use to service different types of customers. Segmentation is a convenient and efficient way to streamline customer management, rather than servicing each individually and uniquely.