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Novelties and New Core

•WayPoint Analytics •WayPoint UI •WayPoint systems •WayPoint reports •WayPoint training •Randy MacLean •waypoint software •WayPoint administration •WayPoint data management •WayPoint user management •WayPoint presentation •Training •dashboardWe've added exciting new capabilities to the waypoint user interface.

There is a new gear icon in the top right corner that will open the preferences box. This new preferences feature will let the user change aspects of how WayPoint operates and looks. We've moved the "advanced" checkbox into preferences which will enable access to a wider range of reports. You also now have the ability to change the look of the reports as well as the user interface itself. We have been putting focus into generally improving the usability of the platform with updates such as locked headers as well.

Nearly all of the columns in nearly all of the reports, (in the ones where it makes sense), now also have a local sorting capability.

We also have new updates to our sales dashboard that will make the most readily needed information more easily accessible.

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