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Speaking Engagements

Randy MacLean

Randy speaks before associations and industry groups throughout the U.S. and Canada, and can be at your next event.

If you're looking for a completely new perspective on profitability, with the strategies and tactics to back it up, one of Randy's talks could be the perfect fit for your meeting.

Randy speaks on a number of topics that are relevant and important for tomorrow's business climate and market environment.

Why Analytics is Your New Best Friend

Randy MacLean

Breakthroughs in business analytics are opening new opportunities for companies and sales professionals, with detailed cost-to-serve information restoring profit margins and commissions that have been under siege.

In this session, Randy MacLean reveals how shifting sales strategy and customer relationships focus to Cost-to-Serve and Profit have helped companies and their customers both realize win-win opportunities and practices that have been driving the best gains seen in years. [60 min]

Best session so far with some key metrics we've never thought about before.

Competition-Crushing Strategy for 2017

Randy MacLean

In private briefings for the executives of WayPoint-client companies, Randy has been recommending a new strategy that: delivers quality product; superior customer experience; lowest prices; and industry-leading profits. This apparent paradox is both possible and supported by the numbers—and gives a great deal of control over competitors' profits.  [60 min]
This is Randy's most popular talk.

Outstanding session. This should be your keynote!!!

Analytics & Metrics for Supply Chain & Operations

Randy MacLean

As we close in on 2020, excellence in Supply Chain and Operations takes on a new importance in the success, and even the survival, of distribution organizations. Winning the competitive battle is accomplished in the core competencies of distribution – moving product. In this session, we'll explore the newest thinking and analytics that give operations managers a real edge in driving their contribution to the company's cash flow and profits.  [60 min]

Extremely well presented

Using Analytics to Drive Profit

Randy MacLean

Did you know that most companies only get 20%-25% of the money they earn on their best business to the bottom line? Did you know that more 60% of their customer are unprofitable—by any measure?

In this session, Randy shares the advanced analytics the profit-leaders use to identify and correct the profit drains that exist every distributor.  [90 min]

Super practical, thank you!

2020 Vision

Randy MacLean

2020 Vision looks forward to the year 2020, identifying the sixteen objectively measurable elements that give top-tier companies the ability to lead their markets, industries and peers in profitability. Do you know what the profit-driving elements of the 2020 Vision are? Randy can lay them out for you and your group.  [90 min]

Quantum Profit Management

Randy MacLean

Top-tier wholesale / distribution companies produce three to four times the cash flow and profits of the average. Quantum Profit Management is the philosophical framework that keeps owners, executives and team members focused on what matters for the best bottom line. QPM-driven companies have the cash-flow and profitability do things others can't. Randy lays out the eight principles that guide substantial and sustainable profit gains.  [60 min]

Fantastic session and speaker. Very pertinent and makes analytics look simple.

Profit-Based Sales Compensation Design

Randy MacLean

Profit-based commissions are the "Holy Grail" of sales force leaders—and for good reason. A good compensation program aligns the goals of sales people with the company owners and executives, and get everyone engaged in the fight for profits.

Before now, these programs have been the domain of the Fortune 100 and those with large design budgets, but new technologies have opened the door for companies at every level to participate. In this session, Randy lays out the process and reveals the tricks used by top designers to implement winning programs.  [90 min]

Great job! Love the ideas — I'm going to have to lead the team to get the comp plan changed!

Making Your Own Success

A special session for the leaders of tomorrow.

The way to the top is open to anyone, but getting there might not be what you've been told. In this session, Randy shares the secrets that have set him apart across a career where he was:

  • the top salesman in a company with 850 branches;
  • the top branch manager in a national chain;
  • the youngest-ever National Sales Manager in a company with 126 locations and 44,000 employees;
  • and the founder and leader of eleven companies.

[60 min]

Randy, your program was a big hit last year and we are delighted you will be able to participate again this year.

Your Topic

Randy can tailor any of his regular talks to perfectly suit your group.

He can also develop a custom talk for your group, pulling elements from his expertise in management, profit strategies, logistics and sales. Call to discuss your event theme and purpose, and get the perfect talk to fit your agenda.

Randy's Bio

As President of WayPoint Analytics, Randy MacLean invented Quantum Costing and then the industry's leading costing system, helping clients realize profit gains of 200% and more. The best-selling author of three profitability books, he and his team advise top distribution companies on profit-related best practices.

An avid shooter and NRA instructor, Randy has ended his snow-shoveling phase and enjoys the Arizona heat with his wife and dogs.


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Webinar: Increase Profit Through Margin Analysis


This webinar unveils the exceptional power of our Margin Analysis report. During this session, you will gain valuable strategies to immediately capitalize on lucrative opportunities and drive your company's success. The WayPoint Margin Analysis report provides a dynamic customer list segmented by profit value and efficiency. It presents their current margin, target break-even margin, margin required for contribution, and coverage of sales compensation. "Contributing" customers exceed the company average profit rates. Additionally, customers falling below the target margin display the precise price adjustment needed to reach the target. Unlock valuable insights for optimizing profitability and strategic decision-making.

Measuring & Managing Fleet Costs


Any organization that runs a fleet can benefit substantially from knowing transport costs at the customer/delivery level. This component of the customer cost envelope plays a big part in understanding customer value and drives decisions on pricing delivery, setting margins and routing decisions. To do this at the top level, companies are moving away from using mileage, and toward a much more accurate and effective time-based measurement. WayPoint can utilize the better inputs, calculating very precise costs at the customer level. A time-based system is also dynamic, reflecting cost changes driven by daily route changes, opening numerous new ways to optimize delivery costs. In this session, we'll show your team how this is done, and how you can find significant reductions in delivery expenditures while improving customer service. This is a session for operations people, CFOs and chief executives, so assemble your team and be ready to continue the conversation at the end of this 30-minute session.

The 7 Areas That Need Your Focus (brief)


The 3rd of 3 lists defining the markers of Distribution companies outpacing their peers. These are the specific areas that many companies commonly miss and places where your focus on new strategies and tactics will make a huge difference on your productivity and profitability.

The 6 Attributes of Super-Profit Companies


The 2nd of 3 lists defining the markers of Distribution companies outpacing their peers.

The 5 Things Customers Want (brief)


The 1st of 3 lists defining the markers of Distribution companies outpacing their peers.

Customer Segmentation


With the right segmentation you can define customer service levels, delivering high service levels to the accounts that need and can afford it. You can set price levels appropriate customers needing every level of support from "no frills" to "gold-plated". You can focus your sales efforts precisely — working to acquire new customers that perfectly fit your strategy and deliver increased profitability through optimally-efficient logistical relationships.

New Money – How to Analyze & Boost Profit from Delivery


Fleet and delivery operations are a frequently overlooked opportunity to add much more profit to your bottom line. In fact, every dollar you save or charge is just as beneficial as $25 in new sales. No wonder today's top companies are using surprising new methods to measure and optimize fleet costs, and implementing advanced analytics to set pricing and policies for deliveries.

New ideas and new tools are shaping customer choices, and increasing competitiveness. This video shares what we've learned from hundreds of the best companies across more than 15 years of strategic planning and on-the-ground tactics that have generated millions in new profits.

How Distributors Can Double Their Rebate Income


Rebates have grown tremendously as a percentage of the bottom line of distributors over the course of the last 3 years. In fact, in most instances, they now account for more than half of year-end profit.

In this session you'll gain insights on: How rebates are impacting your true line-item profitability / How to leverage your existing agreements / How real-world product mix add-up.

Novelties and New Core


We've added exciting new capabilities to the waypoint user interface. In this video we show you all the newly added features that will increase ease of use in the WayPoint program for a more convenient experience.

WayPoint Presentation


In this session, Randy MacLean walks you through the newest and most effective analytics for profit management. Using these metrics, companies produce record-breaking profit rates and growth. In just 17 minutes, he covers the hidden dynamics that are adversely influencing profit rates, suggests the not-so-obvious solutions executives are using to address them, and shows how WayPoint measures and reports on them. You'll see the only reports available that give company executives the ability measure, monitor and manage the real drivers of company profit.

How Money is Made in Wholesale Distribution


Randy MacLean shares his analysis of over $65B of distribution business to help others shed incorrect assumptions about how to make money. Businesses that have stellar results have been able to understand profit dynamics and move the profit needle not just by five or ten percent, but by doubling or tripling the bottom line over their competitors.

You've Lost Your Biggest Account – Now What?


Everyone eventually faces the loss of a significant account. Sometimes it's one that represents such a large share of business, that "normal" operations are no longer possible. How you handle the situation will determine whether it's an unpleasant blip, or a near death emergency. This video shows what to do to keep your ship from afloat when the inevitable happens.